Much of the cost associated with pools is attributed to repair. Professional maintenance focuses on addressing failures before expensive repair is required.



Efficiency is important to us so our staff operate on a well-planned schedule. Rather than squeeze appointments into a cluttered schedule, your appointment is part of a logistical system designed to maximize efficiency--that means you can depend on our staff to arrive in a one hour window, week after week.  Gone are the days of sitting by a debris-laden swimming pool, wondering if the pool guy would show up before your Friday night event. With sufficient personnel on staff we are able to avoid large disruptions in work flow and productivity, guaranteeing a consistent pool experience for each and everyone of our clients. While on-site, our staff performs a thorough cleaning routine to remove all debris and algae from your swimming pool. But our service doesn't stop at cleaning of the pool and maintenance of the water, we also focus on your pool's mechanical equipment to prevent failures.


Most equipment failures and malfunctions are the result of poor or nonexistent maintenance.  Just like your automobile, your pool equipment requires maintenance and inspection at least on a yearly basis.  While your pool equipment does not have fluids such as oil and coolant to maintain, it does have seals, gaskets, bearings, and filters. 

At least 9 out of 10 pump motor failures we service are due to seal failures which occur long before the motor fails.  When the seal fails, it begins to shuttle pool water toward the forward motor bearing which, being made of high carbon steel, is highly susceptible to corrosion. As the bearing corrodes, formation of abrasive oxides cause excessive clearance in the bearing resulting in a tell-tale whine every pool owner has experienced. Under our watchful eyes, a $10 seal is the prescription long before a $400 pump motor is required! 

Water Chemistry

The most important component of swimming pool maintenance is proper water chemistry.  Nothing spends more time with your pool than the water so taking care of the water means taking care of the pool. Water itself is naturally aggressive and will attack all components of your swimming pool such as the fittings, fasteners, accessories, plumbing and finish. Properties such as pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness are tested and adjusted to mitigate the natural chemistry of water.  We cannot stop the effects of water but we can greatly slow the process.

While water is mildly aggressive to all components of your pool, chemicals used to sanitize your pool can be wildly aggressive--chlorine! Chlorine and other oxidizers are used to kill microorganisms such as unsightly algae and dangerous E. Coli. While sanitizers are very efficient at killing microorganisms, sanitizers can be loose cannons, inflicting damage to the pool, too! With a holistic approach to pool water chemistry, Catalina Pools will minimize damage done to your swimming pool while maintaining a healthy water environment.


Our staff arrives in a timely and scheduled manner, carrying out a thorough cleaning routine and equipment evauluation for performance and safety.


A proactive approach to pool maintenance means our clients experience fewer equipment failures and a lower total cost of ownership.


The most important element of pool maintenance is proper water chemistry. We perform a 10 point analysis of your pool water to assure that your water is perfectly balanced.